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About founder Kemone Hendricks

Founder & Director

Hi, I’m Kemone Hendricks– founder of Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription! I am extremely passionate about event planning and many consider me a marketing genius. I believe events act as a binding agent to form a community into a cohesive whole.

I’ve taken everything I know about planning and marketing events and put it into a neatly organized subscription plan with worksheets, checklists, and professional templates because I want to help you! I realized that many businesses were struggling at the start of the pandemic in many ways when it came to event planning and marketing, this is my way of helping to solve that problem. 

I have over a decade of planning and executing successful & inspiring events for my community, other organizations and businesses. I am also the founder of Evanston’s Annual Juneteenth Parade, Evanston Present and Future and Mari & Mari Enterprise which you can learn more about at http://www.kemonehendricks.com 

Juneteenth is another initiative that I am extremely passionate about. I organized the very first Juneteenth Parade in 2020 and it was virtual due to the pandemic. I successfully pivoted to a virtual platform and executed an inspiring first ever Juneteenth parade with over 7,000 virtual attendees and sponsors.

In 2021 I organized the second Annual Juneteenth Parade and Celebrations which was in person. This resulted in participation of over 3,000 parade participants and sponsors as well as gaining national attention.

Then, on July 4th 2021 I planned another successful and inspiring event called “Juneteenth 4th” and hosted the grandmother of Juneteenth, Ms. Opal Lee after she joined Joe Biden at the White House to make Juneteenth a federal holiday!

I led the way in my community at the start of the pandemic by organizing lucrative socially distant pop-up shops outdoors for businesses, executing high attendance paid online events
and monetizing through export of goods and services and the right partnerships.

I’m honored to have been featured in local and national publications along with being recognized as a non-profit leader in Evanston who goes above and beyond to make Evanston a better place to live, work, and play!