About the Founder

Founder & Director

Hi, I’m Kemone Hendricks– founder of Celebrations Reimagined! I am extremely passionate about event planning and many consider me to be a marketing genius. I have over a decade of political planning, event planning, marketing and executing successful & inspiring events! 

I believe events act as a binding agent to form a community into a cohesive whole, with that my team is able to transform your community, business, organization and or political organization! 

I am also the founder of Evanston’s Annual Juneteenth Parade, Evanston Present and Future and Mari Enterprise which you can learn more about at http://www.kemonehendricks.com 

I’m honored to have been featured in local and national publications along with receiving the Juneteenth Proclamation from the city of Evanston in 2022 and being recognized as a non-profit leader in Evanston who goes above and beyond to make Evanston a better place to live, work, and play!