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We offer a wide range of services from full-service, start-to-finish event planning and design to a la carte options you can mix and match to build a package that works for you or you can purchase our new exclusive planning subscription!


Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription

Celebrations Reimagined Planning Subscription is the most effective way to plan your event the right way, the first time without spending thousands of dollars on a full-service event planner.

Our planning subscription can be utilized by organizations, business owners, community groups or if you’re just planning by yourself!

Everyone knows event planning is a daunting task, especially parades and events that aim to uplift a community during these hard economic times.

Get access to our guidance partner list created for White and non-Black communities planning Juneteenth and other Black centered events like Kwanzaa and Black History Month.

Get monthly updates on Juneteenth templates created specifically for White and non-Black organizations and ones created for Black led organizations. 

Learn everything you need to know to plan a successful event right here!

Follow my planning guide so that you don’t overlook any details or make costly mistakes.

Subscribe to get my professional event planning and marketing help with monthly updates for just $45 a month!

What's in a Planning Subscription?

Celebrations Reimagined™ subscriptions include:

  1. Monthly updates on all of our event planning templates. Includes the Juneteenth Parade & Celebrations template with how-to guides and videos for other events and celebrations.
  2. How to turn your live event into a virtual event at the last minute guide
  3. Virtual event planning templates
  4. Exclusive tips and methods Kemone uses to market her events
  5. Licensing to use educational content and videos created by Kemone.
  6. Professional templates, spreadsheets, and checklists you need to keep things organized.
  7. Exclusive discounts for your event planning needs from our partners.


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" Get access to exclusive educational content to promote Juneteenth and other events"